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RCC Pipes (Hume Pipe)

  We pride ourselves to be high quality manufacturers of RCC pipes. We have the capacity to manufacture NP3 and NP4 pipes with spigot and socket joints, with sizes ranging from 300mm to 2800mm. The pipes are manufactured using a fully automatic machine imported from Germany, via a process known as vertical casting.


Vertical casting using an automatic machine, coupled with the fully automatic batching plant, allows us the following benefits:
  • Concrete quality is highly consistent, and raw material contents are exactly as per the specifications.
  • Each individual pipe has exactly the same quality.
  • Vibration allows for equal distribution of aggregates inside the pipe, unlike the centrifugal force used in the spinning process – which leads to aggregate separation. The vertical cast process results in a pipe with far greater strength.
RCC pipes have applications in underground drainage, sewage systems, storm water drains, irrigation and cross drainage under roads. Linings can be added to our pipes as required by departments. We can also manufacture jacking pipes and elliptical pipes, as required by clients.

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