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RCC Precast Manholes & Chambers

We manufacture precast manholes entirely in our factory, giving the contractor a product that simply needs to be aligned and installed at the site. Site work is minimal compared to in-situ manholes. This saves time for reduces the overall disruption to traffic.

Manholes are manufactured in 3 sections. The first section is the base, which contains the inlets and outlets for discharge. This can be custom manufactured for each base at our factory. The second section is the riser, which will be manufactured in sections. Multiple risers will be used to raise the height of the manhole as required. The third section is the cone, which narrows the manhole to the diameter of the cover. Manholes can be pre-fitted with stairs if desired. Although manufacturing is pre cast, the manholes are designed in a way that allows contractors to vary the height of each manhole as per site conditions, using simple risers. This allows for a lot of flexibility during installation.

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